Congratulations Bob!

We are delighted to say that OSF’s Bob Donald received a Certificate of Merit from The Caley (Royal Caledonian Horticultural Scociety) at their 2022 Annual Awards Ceremony last night, in recognition of his services to gardening/ horticulture. Totally deserved – well done Bob!

Bob was nominated by the OSF Team – you can read the statements in support of Bob’s nomination below.

Summary of contribution to gardening or horticulture in Scotland

Bob’s contribution is outstanding. In an entirely voluntary capacity, he:

  • established (in 2017), chairs and drives forward the voluntary organisation One Seed Forward (OSF) in the north-east (NE) of Scotland
  • subsequently, in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, helped develop the OSF Garden Schools programme which he takes a lead role in promoting and driving forward – encouraging schools to establish F&V gardens, and to introduce and engage pupils with growing through a programme of engaging materials
  • jointly works the OSF community allotment, demonstrating the F&V which can be grown successfully in the NE – he encourages people to visit to see what’s going on, to learn, and to get involved
  • champions heritage varieties (particularly of potatoes!) through annual OSF free seed potato giveaways – manning stalls, giving advice and encouragement to first-time and other growers
  • promotes an eco-friendly and organic approach to growing
  • endlessly networks and fosters working relationships with a wide range of partners including other voluntary groups and charities, schools, community groups, as well as local health and social care partnerships – promoting the value and benefits of ‘growing your own’, and offering advice and support to get started through the work of OSF
  • takes a hands-on approach, physically helping people and groups including building vegetable gardens and raised beds


Describe how the person you are nominating stands out from others and why they deserve special recognition

Apart from his love of all things potato (!), Bob stands out from others as a result of his TOTAL dedication and drive to further the work of OSF, encouraging and supporting all ages to grow their own. Not bad for someone who confesses he previously had no interest in gardening or growing!

Always in quiet command, Bob has tireless energy, passion, enthusiasm and commitment in moving forward the work of OSF. He leads from the front both coming up with ideas, and then happily ‘getting his hands dirty’ doing the work involved. Equally he is more than happy to listen to other people’s ideas and to support putting them into action. He always retains a sense of humour, is open-minded and inclusive. Despite being hugely busy he will always find time to have a chat or offer advice and support when anyone needs.