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Potatoes at 6/5/18

Here is an update on how our seed potatoes in bags and containers are doing. Planted five weeks ago, the first earlies are coming on well whilst the others are of course a bit slower.
After taking these photos we covered all of the leaves with more compost. We also watered once the new compost was in given the heat this weekend.

Building a compost bin

As part of our School Garden Project we built a compost bin at Woodside Primary from recycled pallets. It is easy to do – just follow our step by step instructions!

Get 4 pallets of equal size and remove the posts from 3 of them. The one with posts will be the back of the bin

Remove the blocks from the posts to leave pieces of wood

Attach a panel to the side by drilling holes and screwing together. The blocks can be used to make the posts stronger by placing screws into these

Drill holes to make it easier to screw the panels together

Attach the pieces of wood you have left over to the side and also to the front. This will be used to create the front door of the bin

The finished bin with its front door


OSF volunteers John And Adrian who did all the hard work!

Our new bin at home in the Woodside Primary School garden


Planting 2/4/18

We’ve planted! We decided to go for it on Easter Monday and our container growing seed potatoes are in. As an experiment we have used a variety of containers this season including a cardboard box, bucket, specialist potato sack as well as the recycled ACC bags that were so good last year.
The cardboard box has been well soaked due to the heavy rain all week so let’s hope it dries out a little bit over the next few weeks and stays in one piece.
This year instead of adding mushroom compost we are trying chicken pellets added to our multi purpose compost to see how the seed potatoes get on.
Let’s see your photos and we will keep you posted with how ours are doing. Hopefully we will get our allotment ones in in the next few days.

Chitting 31/03/18

Here are our 11 varieties of seed potatoes chitting away on our windowsill. A lot of these are ready to get in the soil – ideally a minimum of 1cm of shoots should be coming out of the seeds as this will speed up the growing time by about 2 weeks.

There is a hard frost forecast in Aberdeen over Sunday evening, so we will hold off putting our first earlies into bags until the start of the week.

Monty Don started his potatoes on Friday’s BBC Gardeners World, and we were pleased to see he is planting one of our varieties Casablanca in bags too. Look forward to see how his do compared to all of ours – no pressure folks!

All Gone 😊

We had a great day at Hazlehead Park on Saturday as part of the Green Family Fun Day event. We took the final 80kg of our seed potatoes with us, and here are the last family to get our potatoes for this season.

Let’s hope these and the other 624kg we have given away this year will grow into a load of spuds throughout the City & Shire. We look forward to hearing how you all get on!

Final Giveaways!

This Saturday sees us giving away the last of our FREE seed potatoes at two events, one in Aberdeen and one in Huntly.

The first one is at Huntly as part of Deveron Projects Town is the Garden project. There are 8 varieties that you can choose from and are available by visiting the No.11 cafe between 10-2 on March 24th.

We are delighted to be able to support the area’s community growing projects again this year.

And we will be at Hazlehead Park this Saturday from 11am in the Education Room at Pets Corner, giving away the last of our free seed potatoes for this season as part of the Green Family Fun Day.

Come along and get them while you can!


More varieties for Seedy Sunday on March 18th

Three additional varieties that you can pick up for free at Seedy Sunday tomorrow at Aden Country Park, courtesy of a kind donation from Grampian Growers.

Hermes is a round white skin and white flesh maincrop variety. Especially good for chips.

Gemson is a second early – small, round with white skin and creamy white flesh. Great for steaming, boiling and in salads

Nieta is an early maincrop oval with creamy skin and light yellow flesh. Slightly waxy but also good for boiling and chips.

Come along and bag yourself some free seed potatoes from our stall tomorrow in Mintlaw.

We would like to thank the enormous generosity of Grampian Growers who donated an additional 175kg of seed potatoes to our project.

In addition to more Cara, we now have three additional varieties to offer – Gemson, Nieta and Hermes. We will post some information about each of these shortly.

Thanks again to Claire and all at Grampian Growers for providing us with more stock to distribute


Our first give away event is on Tuesday!

One Seed Forward will be at the ACA Climate Café, Waterstone’s, Union Street, Aberdeen on Tuesday March 6th. Doors open at 6.30pm.

We will be doing a talk on Community Growing in the North East, and have 100 bags of free seed potatoes to give away on the night.

Cara is going to be the variety we are giving away, 6 per bag, so come along early and get your free seed potatoes and join our new community of growers!

Our last two varieties for this season are Casablanca and Charlotte. Casablanca, shown on the left, is a first early that can be ready in less than 10 weeks from planting. Round with white flesh and skin, it has a range of cooking uses – boil, chip, mash and roast. An all rounder in every sense!
Charlottes were a popular variety for us last year and are a second early. They have a pale yellow skin and white flesh and are a great salad potato.
So that is all of our varieties for this season. Check out our website entries to see how you can get some free seed potatoes for yourself to try and grow this year.

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