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Competition Time

We launched our new children’s competition today at the Highland Games, and we want everyone to take part!

We would like your children, pupils, scout & rainbow groups etc to individually create a garden in a shoebox. You can be as creative as you like, you can build it around a theme – rock garden, bee friendly, sensory and so on. It’s all about getting growing!

The winner will receive a gardening voucher of £20.

– open to children aged 16 or under on July 16, 2019
– each garden must contain at least one edible plant
– a photo of the shoebox garden should be posted onto our Facebook page or emailed to
– you agree that we can post photos of the garden onto our website and social media pages
– entries close at midnight on July 16, 2019 with the winner announced on July 19

Here are a couple of examples we did to give some ideas, but we are sure yours will be better! Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who visited our stall at the Gardening Gala today and to the Health Improvement Fund for organising the event and supporting us over the last year with our Garden School project.

It seemed only fair to give you an update on our seed potatoes at the allotment. They are growing in straight lines, probably thanks to Scotty and Andy’s planting expertise!
The individual photos are first earlies Home Guard, Colleen and America.
First early in rows 1-3 from the left, second earlies in 4-6 and maincrop in the others.

OSF Allotment 20.05.19
Home Guard 20.05.19
Colleen 20.05.19
America 20.05.19

Update time for the potatoes we are growing in containers at home.
Seven weeks gone for the Belle de Fontenay, Colleen and Home Guard we have in bags and America in our cardboard box.
Home Guard is slow compared to the others, the ones on our allotment are doing a bit better but it’s early days yet!
After taking these photos we are covering them with more soil up to the top of the bags to encourage more growth and hopefully more tubers.
How are yours growing?

Belle de Fontenay
Home Guard

How to make compost

Our friend Adrian has produced a great guide on how to make your own compost. You can get it by accessing the link below

Climate Change Club

Last week at our climate talk we created the Climate Change Club, giving away three different varieties of seed potatoes to the group.
Here is one of these varieties, Home Guard, that we put into a grow bag on Monday. We have used peat free multi purpose compost mixed with some chicken manure pellets, and put 20ltrs of this mix into the bottom of the bag then placed our three seed potatoes in it, chitted end up, and covered these with soil.
We will show pictures of how this grows over the next few weeks.
Please send us photos of how your growing is doing, and remember we are here to answer any questions you have about growing your own food.

It was planting day on Sunday March 24th with 25 varieties of seed potatoes put into our allotment. Big thanks to Scotty, Andy & Bob S for all the hard work digging, planting and earthing up. We will show you how they all get on over the next few weeks and months. Let’s get growing!

What a great day again at Seedy Sunday. Over 180kg of seed potatoes and some seeds given away to lots of new and experienced growers. Thanks to all the community groups who came along too.

Thanks to everyone who battled through the weather to see us at Hazlehead Park today. Let’s hope it improves for our trip to Seedy Sunday at Aden Country Park tomorrow, as we have loads of seed potatoes to give away!

Grampian Growers

We would like to say a huge thank you to Grampian Growers for supporting us by donating 3 x 25kg bags of seed potatoes to our project. We now have another three varieties on offer for you, second early varieties Gemson and Maris Peer, and a new maincrop one to us called Horizon.
Gemson is great for steaming, boiling and salads
Maris Peer boils, mashes and is good in salads
Horizon crisps well so should be a good roaster
Thanks Grampian Growers again, it really is much appreciated!

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