Meet the Team!

Find out about the One Seed Forward team below.

We have a great team from a mix of backgrounds, interests and professions. Some of us have day jobs, some of us are ‘retired’, and some of us haven’t made up our minds yet!

Everyone has a passion for growing fruit and veg, love gardening and being outdoors, and believe in the power of communities to make positive change. Everyone is a One Seed Forward volunteer.

Bob Donald. Chair.

Bob likes nothing better than planting potatoes, digging up potatoes and talking about potatoes. Wishes chocolate had the same health benefits as vegetables.

Donald Gray. Garden Schools.

When not in the garden or doing the day job, Donald can be found walking the dog (Skye, a Westie) up Corstorphine Hill, along the River Almond or on Cramond Beach. Alternatively he may be drinking a cappuccino with a piece of home-made carrot cake.

Katrina Flad. Committee.

Hide your shovels, before Katrina uses them to heap compost onto your lawn to plant a rich garden there instead. Her happy place is amongst the beasties that will soon come to visit. You’ll find her there sniffing the compost and talking to worms. 

Laura Colucci-Gray. Garden Schools.

Laura is a researcher and teacher educator. She is interested in gardening as a way to bring together humans and other creatures which are more than humans; how we can create learning ecologies that teach us about who we are as human beings and how we can co-exist with others.

Pam Nwelih. Committee.

Pam can be found wandering the reduced/ sick aisle of garden centres. Also loves wandering the hills or beaches, basically anywhere that’s not inside.