Building a compost bin

As part of our School Garden Project we built a compost bin at Woodside Primary from recycled pallets. It is easy to do – just follow our step by step instructions!

Get 4 pallets of equal size and remove the posts from 3 of them. The one with posts will be the back of the bin
Remove the blocks from the posts to leave pieces of wood
Attach a panel to the side by drilling holes and screwing together. The blocks can be used to make the posts stronger by placing screws into these
Drill holes to make it easier to screw the panels together
Attach the pieces of wood you have left over to the side and also to the front. This will be used to create the front door of the bin
The finished bin with its front door


OSF volunteers John And Adrian who did all the hard work!
Our new bin at home in the Woodside Primary School garden