We’re getting ready for 2018!

We are starting to plan our community growing programme for next year, and soon we will be ordering our seed potatoes for an early February delivery.

This year we are going to be doing things slightly differently though. We are prioritising school groups and community based projects, with the intention to place our free seeds to these groups first. So, if you are a teacher or know of a school that would like to take part in our project, please get in touch (or ask the head teacher to contact us) so we can get you on the list. Similarly, if you are involved in, or know of, a community group that would like to get some free seed potatoes then send us an email to oneseedforward@gmail.com

We are not forgetting about all our individual participants though! We would still like you to take part, but we won’t be allocating and delivering seed potatoes as we did last year. We are early in the planning stage at the moment, but we are intending to be at 3 or 4 one off venues in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire where you can come along and collect some seed potatoes. We will have some new varieties for you to try as well as some of the ones that were successful amongst our growers last season.

We will be posting details of our collection events in the new year.

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