Growing Onion and Garlic – Film

To accompany our Autumn Give Away, we’ve made a 2-minute film giving advice and information on how to plant and grow the onion sets and garlic cloves.

You can view the film in the Autumn Give Away section of the website.

Help us Raise Funds

We’re lucky to have been chosen for the Co-op Local Community Fund until October 2022. 🤩
For every £1 spent by members, 2p will be donated to One Seed Forward. 😃
If you don’t already have a Co-op card you can become a Member by joining online at . It costs £1 to join but (at the same time as raising funds for us) you’ll get weekly money-off offers, and also special member-only discounts. So should be a win-win for both of us!
Once you’ve got your membership, choose One Seed Forward as the cause you’d like to support. Each time you then shop and swipe or scan your membership card, you’ll be helping to raise funds for us!
You can view our fund-raising page at:

Thank you! As a voluntary organisation we depend on fund-raising to continue our work – encouraging all ages to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Onion Set Give Away

Delighted to say that we’ll be at Bonnymuir Green on Saturday 20th November when we’ll be giving away FREE onion sets to anyone who’s keen to keep growing over the winter months. While stocks last! See you then 😃

For more information about Bonnymuir Green visit  

Autumn Give Away

Here’s a chance to keep your growing going over winter! We have a 100 onion sets 🧅to give away for FREE. If you’re quick you might also receive an Elephant 🐘 garlic 🧄 clove 😉. We’ll send these out in the post on a first-come first-served basis, to anyone who emails us with their name, address and postcode.

Once processed we’ll delete the email and all contact details. We’re also starting a FB group called OSF Growing Together which we encourage you to join – more details will be included with your onion sets!

One Seed Forward Film

We were super happy to be be chosen by ACVO and Volunteer Aberdeen for one of their short films featuring volunteer organisations who are playing a part in tackling climate change.

Filming took place in the Community Allotment last week (thankfully a lovely day!). Thanks to Andrew for a great little film! 😃

What do you think of our website?

We’re pleased to say our website is back working properly again. What do you think of the website? We want to check it’s working ok for you, and that it has the kind of information you expect and find useful. What can we do to make it better?

Please take a few minutes to let us know by filling out our Website Feedback Form.

Our Website is Playing Up!

Apologies. Our website software was updated recently and unfortunately a number of links and other things aren’t working as a result! 😕 We’re working away to get it sorted though, so check back soon!

Update (4/11/21): Website is back working ok!

New Campaign Poster!

Thanks to the lovely (and patient!) Neil at Peacock & The Worm who helped us design and make a brand new campaign poster last week (for free!) – look out for them at future One Seed Forward events!
Not as easy as you might think… almost read ‘Crow Your Onw Food’ instead of ‘Grow Your Own Food’!😅 😆
Well worth giving the Aberdeen People’s Press exhibition a look…. or even making your own campaign poster! 😉

Vote for One Seed Forward!

Great news! We’ve been chosen for Asda’s green token scheme which helps good causes. If we win, we get £500! This would help us to provide more seeds and equipment for more people to grow their own food!The winner is the good cause with the most votes. Please, please take part in the on-line vote, and vote for us at this link:🙂🥕😉

Volunteer Newsletter. October 2021.

Click on the link to download a copy of our latest Volunteer Newsletter. October 2021. – there are some interesting opportunities for you to get involved in if you are looking for a break away from your own garden activities.