We have just placed our first order with our seed potato supplier so the project is up and running. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be adding information about all of the seed types that we have bought which you can ask from us to grow.

Today we start with two Maris varieties, the Bard and the Peer. The Maris Bard is a first early potato, which means you can get the season off to a quick start with this fast growing and high yielding crop. The Maris Peer is a second early and is good for growing in sacks or containers, so this may be your potato of choice if you don’t have much space.

We have been able to secure 10 different varieties so far from the funding we had available. If you are interested in helping our project to reach more individuals and community groups by making a donation then we would love to hear from you!

One Seed Forward is a voluntary group and all monies raised are used solely for the purchase and distribution of seed, and project leaflets.


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