We are really pleased to have been able to extend the variety of seed potatoes that we can give you to 12 by the generosity of a donation from a local seed potato merchant.

Our two additional varieties are Charlotte and Maris Piper. Charlotte is a second early potato often used in salads. They are small with a pale yellow skin and creamy white flesh, and taste great when eaten hot or cold as the classic salad potato. They are also nice when steamed or roasted. The other variety is Maris Piper, the classic chip shop potato. With a creamy white skin and white flesh, these potatoes have a wonderful dry and fluffy texture which lends them to making great chips and roasties. They also store very well so you can be eating these for your Xmas dinner!

Delivery of our seed potatoes is only days away, so watch out for more information on how to collect your potatoes if you have signed up through our contact form. And it’s not too late to join in, especially if you are a school or community group. Please share!