Here are another two seed potatoes that you can get from us really soon, these ones are Linda and Arran Victory.

Linda is a hard to find potato in Scotland, but this old variety has been saved mainly due to the efforts of German growers, in particular Karsten Ellenberg. This is easy to grow with a yellow waxy flesh that makes it great for salads and boiling.

What can we say about Arran Victory? Named on the Isle of Arran after the First World War, this is a high yielding main crop and said to be a favourite of Heston Blumenthal. This gourmet potato has a purple skin and white flesh that is claimed to be the best roasting potato you can get, as well as a great masher. We reckon there will be a big demand for this variety when we get our seed potatoes in a few weeks.

If you know of any community groups that would like to get involved in our growing initiative, tell them to get in touch! We can provide them with free seed potatoes and bags to grow them in.