Using the recycled ACC bag and box

If you still have your old kerbside recycling bag (the white or blue bag for paper and cardboard), use it to make an ideal bag for growing potatoes (plant one or two seed potatoes per bag).

Cut off the top flap will make it easier to fill – then follow the instructions for Growing in Bags and Containers. Leave the handles attached as these will help you move the bag if needed. Don’t forget to make a few holes in the bottom to help drainage.

Though not as ideal as the bag, the black box can also be used to grow potatoes. Make extra holes in the bottom and raise it off the ground (put a couple of bricks or bits of wood underneath) to ensure it drains properly. Put some small stones or chuckies in the bottom before putting in the compost – this will also help drainage.

You can also use the box to grow other plants and vegetables such as herbs and lettuce, and will mean you’ll have fresh ingredients right by your kitchen door!