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Please vote for us!

Please vote for us!

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for a £500 grant from the Skipton grassroots giving project. Only the projects with the most votes will receive money, so please can you vote for us. It will allow us to run our seed project again next year.
Could you also share with all your family, friends and contacts and ask them to vote for us too? Please click on the link below. Thanks!


One Seed Forward is going to be at the Huntly Hairst tomorrow, September 2nd, with our friends from Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire and Deveron Projects.

As well as doing a talk and cooking demo of some of our potato varieties at 1.30pm, we will be doing a demo on things to do with any excess vegetables you have at 10.30am. We will also be on the stalls to receive any potatoes that you have grown as part of the project and want to donate back to us. In line with our commitment to the community eating experience, we will be using these at the Brander Garden in Huntly from 7pm for Deveron Project’s fire pit bbq. All are welcome.

And we will be giving way more free seeds! Come and get some Spring Onions for you to grow over the winter, and be part of our community growing initiative.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those we met up at the Wild About Aden event this week. It was great to be able to hand out a lot of free spring onion seeds to get people involved in growing their own – and fun chasing the leaflets when the gusts of wind blew them away.
An extra big thanks to all of you who brought back some of your crop to us. A small selection of it is in the photos below, with the Jones’s huge Caras impressing us all. We donated the potatoes to Banff Day Services, a community based service meeting the needs of adults with learning difficulties living in the community after leaving hospital or full time education.

Our OSF Salad Blues

We took up the two shaws planted in our ACC bag and one shaw from the allotment yesterday. Rather disappointed with the results. The allotment ones were very small and weighed in at 0.5kg, the ones grown in the bag were 1.5kg but showed signs of potato scab.
There are various reasons for scab but as we have been growing our bag seed potatoes in exactly the same new compost it can’t be spores retained from previous crops. It may have been a lack of watering – we will have to see what our other crops look like. We have posted a couple of photos sent from other growers who were asking about scab on their potatoes.
It doesn’t look nice but if you peel back (as we have done on the the potatoes on the left hand side) then they will eat okay. It will impact the storage though and we will keep you posted on how they well these ones keep.
Part of the fun of growing your own!

Miller took part in our initiative and grew his seed potatoes in the big ACC black box. As you see, he got a load of tatties for all his hard work, and has told his grannie that he is giving some of them back to us. Well done Miller!

Our OSF Maris Peers

We took up two shaws from our allotment and the two seeds we planted in our ACC bags this week. The photo of the bag is just before we cut the shaws down – you can see the withering of the stalks.
Happy with the crop we got, 2.0kg from the allotment and 1.9kg from the bags. Almost 4kg from 4 seed potatoes.

Arrangements for the return of your potatoes

We have been asked by many of you who are harvesting their potatoes how to go about giving some of them back to us. We have decided that any potatoes you return will be used for hosting community eating events or be given to local foodbanks. We have made arrangements with the following community groups where you can drop off your potatoes:

CFINE, 2-4 Poynernook Road, Aberdeen
Here For You Centre, 48 Broad Street, Fraserburgh
The Allotment Market Stall, Duthie Park, Aberdeen (Fridays only from 10-2)

Please check opening times before your visit. Could we also ask that you give your name, type of potato and weight thereof so this can be recorded at each centre.

We hope to add more locations and will be at a couple of local fairs, as well as planning some cooking events over the next few weeks. So keep your eyes (and tatties) peeled for those!

Thanks for taking part in our community growing initiative.

Our OSF Charlottes

Today we lifted one shaw of our second early Charlotte from the allotment and also the two from our ACC bags. The allotment shaw got 14 potatoes and 1.0 kg from our one seed, whilst the ones in the bag got 35 potatoes and 2.6 kg from our two seeds. We had cut back the shaws in the ACC bags last week, but reckon they continued to grow a bit for a few days after doing so.

Maiya Meerkat, and the Dinonamic Duo Kearney & Rose have been busy growing salad blue potatoes from our project. Apparently the taste tests have been given two paws up so far. Thanks to Sabrina for sending the photos and updates – they will be getting harvested soon and when they are we will be letting everyone know how to get some back to us for our events.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Donna and Pat at the Cummings Park Community Flat, and it was great to pop in past today to see how well their potatoes are doing in the community garden. We were also chuffed to find out that Mrs Meadows had written a bit about us in the summer issue of Cumming North magazine.
Looking forward to having a community event with the group later on in the year and using the potatoes for this rather than storing them for seed, so everyone can eat and share in the results of the growing process.

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