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We would like to thank the enormous generosity of Grampian Growers who donated an additional 175kg of seed potatoes to our project.

In addition to more Cara, we now have three additional varieties to offer – Gemson, Nieta and Hermes. We will post some information about each of these shortly.

Thanks again to Claire and all at Grampian Growers for providing us with more stock to distribute


Our first give away event is on Tuesday!

One Seed Forward will be at the ACA Climate Café, Waterstone’s, Union Street, Aberdeen on Tuesday March 6th. Doors open at 6.30pm.

We will be doing a talk on Community Growing in the North East, and have 100 bags of free seed potatoes to give away on the night.

Cara is going to be the variety we are giving away, 6 per bag, so come along early and get your free seed potatoes and join our new community of growers!

Our last two varieties for this season are Casablanca and Charlotte. Casablanca, shown on the left, is a first early that can be ready in less than 10 weeks from planting. Round with white flesh and skin, it has a range of cooking uses – boil, chip, mash and roast. An all rounder in every sense!
Charlottes were a popular variety for us last year and are a second early. They have a pale yellow skin and white flesh and are a great salad potato.
So that is all of our varieties for this season. Check out our website entries to see how you can get some free seed potatoes for yourself to try and grow this year.

Where to collect your free seed potatoes

We are pleased to let you know where you can pick up your free seed potatoes for the coming growing season. Details of the varieties we have will be on our website in the next few days. We hope to have a selection at most venues but this will be subject to availability. All of these events are FREE to enter too!

Tuesday March 6th 7-9pm ACA Climate Café @ Waterstone’s, Union Street, Aberdeen.
We are giving a talk as part of the Aberdeen Climate Action Café series about food growing in the North East, so come along and pick up your free seed potatoes and be part of the new community being created on the evening. Please note we will only be giving out Red Duke of York, a great first early variety, at this event. Doors open at 6.30pm and it is first come first served, so get there early and get a good seat!

Sunday March 18th 11am-3pm Seedy Sunday @ Aden Country Park, Mintlaw
This was a great event last year and as well as ourselves there are seed swaps, demonstrations, talks and workshops. This was our busiest event last year and is sure to be a great day

Saturday March 24th 11am-3pm Green Family Fun Day @ Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen
We are delighted to have a stall at this Climate Week North East 2018 day out as we support this year’s series of events. Lots of other activities for the young and old alike, so come along and find us to get your freebies. We will be beside the Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire Taste Adventure stall which is great fun for children aged 5-12, taking their senses on a journey with food with interactive games.

Saturday March 24th 10am-3pm Deveron Projects @ No.11 Gordon Street, Huntly
We will be giving away seed potatoes again this year after supporting the Town is the Garden project last year. Deveron Projects will have free veg seeds and there will be other events during the day such as a seed bombing workshop, walk/talk with a forager and lunch at No.11

We hope that you can come along to one of these and pick up free seed potatoes so you can get growing and be part of our community. Lots of information about how to grow can be found on our website

We are happy to answer any questions about growing and we also love to get photos and updates about how your growing season is going. Either like and post a message on our Facebook page One Seed Forward or send us an email at

Happy growing!
All @ OSF


Time to tell you about a new variety that we are giving away this year. Red Emmalie is an early maincrop oval tuber, with red skin and red flesh. It is ideal for mashing and boiling and will retain its colour, making a great new addition and fun for the family meal!
We will be publishing details of where you can get your seed potatoes at the weekend. We will be at various events throughout Aberdeen City & Shire and they are all free to enter, just come along and collect free seed potatoes!

Today’s seed potato we have for you is another favourite from last year, Lady Balfour. This is an early maincrop oval tuber, with cream skin and pale yellow flesh, and was a good cropper last season.
It is named after Eve Balfour who inspired the soil association and was a pioneer of the organic movement.
Remember we give away all our seed potatoes for free to schools, groups and individuals. We are still taking allocations requests from schools and groups so please share with anyone who you think would like to take part and have them email us at
And if you are an individual, we are getting ready for big free giveaways at events in March in Aberdeen and the Shire. Watch out for details in the next few days!

Lady Balfour

We are excited to be giving away this speciality heritage potato this year – Violetta. It has purple skin with purple flesh and is an early maincrop variety. Boil, mash or bake, these oval tubers will retain their colour if cooked with the skins on, and are high in anti oxidants making them a healthy eating option!
Event details will be posted shortly to let you know where you can pick up your free seed potatoes, and we still have room for schools and community groups to get involved, so get in touch by email to if you are a group and want to get some free seeds to grow.

Cara was one of our popular varieties last season and we are happy to provide it again this year. A maincrop potato, it is round with a white and pink skin and floury white flesh, making it ideal for baking, boiling or chips.
OSF give away free seed potatoes to anyone interested in trying to grow their own produce. We are arranging stalls at events where you can pick up your chosen variety, details to follow next month.
And remember if you are a school or community group we have lots of potatoes to give you, free of charge, to start growing together. Please share and let’s get lots more people of all ages involved!


Our next variety that we are giving away this season is a new one to our project, but an old well known favourite. A heritage potato from 1942, Red Duke of York is an early variety that is a great all rounder for cooking. It has a lovely red skin and creamy white flesh – the skin won’t fade during cooking if you leave it on, adding colour and nutrients to your meal.
Please share and let people know about One Seed Forward’s community growing initiative, especially if you are a school or community group. And individuals aren’t being left out, we are organising pick up locations for you too, so stay posted!

Red Duke of York

Time to tell you about the potatoes we are giving away this year. Let’s start with Maris Bard, a first early variety with creamy skin and white flesh. These grew well last year and will be our main seed potato for schools as it should be ready before the summer holidays. They are great for salads, boiling or chips.
Remember to get in touch if you are a school or community group and want to take part in our growing initiative by sending us an email at

Maris Bard

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