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Hillside Primary

We had fun at Hillside Primary’s Grub Club this afternoon, where we were talking about seasonal fruit and veg available in Aberdeen just now. The kids and families got some bags of Cara potatoes as well as some Salad Blues to take home along with these vegetables.
We especially like our wonky parsnip!

A big thank you to Philip who gave us a cash donation for our OSF project. We really appreciate it, especially in the current financial climate.
All donations go solely towards the purchase of seeds and plants that we give away for free to schools, individuals and community groups in Aberdeen City & Shire.

Kininmonth School

Mrs Mair from Kininmonth School sent us photos of one group who harvested their potatoes. They were going to sell them at the school fundraiser yesterday as well as offering us something for the community. We are all for sharing so good going kids!

Loirston Primary

Thanks to Julie from Loirston Primary who sent us some photos of the pupils who took part in our seed potato project. The crop was harvested at the last week of term, and from 12 seed potatoes they got 100 decent sized tatties and a few small ones too.
The kids looked like they had fun digging around finding them!

What better way to spend a Friday than with the crew of BBC Landward and the pupils of Woodside Primary, filming a segment about our OSF school garden project for their new TV series.
Well done to the schoolchildren for showing presenter Anne and the team their gardening and cooking expertise 😊

Thanks to Teresa from our Climate Cafe Community for sending us a photo of her newly dug Cara potatoes. How are yours growing?

Bramble Brae primary school garden is looking good for the pupils coming back on Tuesday. Thanks to the local families that helped with this over the holidays.

It’s always a pleasure spending time at the Cummings Park Community Flat and we got a nice tour of their garden, admiring lots of stuff growing well there.

We gave away some of our allotment grown Charlottes, Red Dukes and Casablanca, as well as the last of our rhubarb to today’s Agency Day visitors.

Our Red Duke of York was lifted as a first early last month. We got over 2kg from the seed potatoes but did have a bit of potato scab on the ones from our containers as you can see on the second photo.
The ones from our allotment were much better, the third photo is a take from 2 seeds. We left the rest in the ground and cut the shaws off about three weeks later so will lift some this weekend and let you know if there is any difference in size and quantity or not.

We finally have a picture of our school garden project banner.

One Seed Forward and the University of Aberdeen are “Cultivating Education” in local school gardens!

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