What is One Seed Forward all about?

Our is aim to encourage people of all ages to grow their own vegetables and fruit, eat them and give some to others in the community to enjoy.

In 2017 we started the project by purchasing both local and heritage seed potatoes and gave them to individuals, schools, community and allotment groups in Aberdeen City and Shire. People can post their experiences, tips, photos etc on the website and get advice on how and when to plant, whether that is in their garden or a grow bag.

In return, all we ask is that you share some of your crop with your family, friends and neighbours. Or use some of your crop for cooking at community events or as donations to foodbanks, so as many people as possible can enjoy the taste of newly grown, fresh fruit and vegetables.

We now have been able to extend our community growing initiative to get more groups involved in growing their own produce by providing a wider range of local vegetable seeds in addition to potatoes.

We are also working with the University of Aberdeen on our Garden Schools concept, where every school can be a garden school and increase the amount of outdoor learning for their pupils. Check out our educational materials, school calendar and framework in the Garden Schools section of our website.